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Download iPrism.

OS: Windows 95/NT4/98

Improve your web page color coordination with iPrism.

iPrism was developed to meet a very specific objective: to provide a quick, simple and effective way to make web pages more visually appealing through color coordination. iPrism is much more than a simple color selection tool, although it can be that also.

iPrism's features include:

Import color codes and, optionally, a background image and up to three images from existing documents.

Export color codes and background image information to either existing or new documents.

Select colors: from an imported image; from the Netscape palette; with a color selection dialog; or with red, green and blue slider bars.

Round colors to the nearest Netscape palette colors on acquisition, import or selection from images.

Each web page color code is displayed in a separate field and may be copied to the clipboard.

A complete tag is displayed that may be edited or copied to the clipboard.

Select from included color schemes and save the color schemes you create.

Edit HTML documents in raw form.

Several images are included in the download package.

New in this version (since iPrism 2.0.X):

View your web document in the built-in web browser or in an open instance of Netscape Navigator/Communicator.

A tool bar for the Colors menu.

A tool pad for frequently used HTML tags, keyboard keys, and other special functions.

A large inventory of HTML tags common to the popular web browsers available via the HTML Tags menu.

Foreground image data from the design window is available in the HTML document editor via popup menus. The data includes image height, width and file name.

A multitude of popup menus in the HTML editing mode simplify textual web page editing.

Mark locations in your web document and find them easily via buttons on the HTML Tags tool pad.

Learn more about HTML with the new HTML editor features.

Numerous improvements in performance.

iPrism Notes

View a Screen Shot Optimized for the Web

View a Screen Shot in True Color

Download iPrism.

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iPrism Notes

Possible problem in version 2.0.28 (select Help|About for the version number): The menu items Color|Select Color Scheme and Color|Save Color Scheme may not load the Color Schemes directory. If you encounter this problem, please let us know. This problem will be fixed in the next release.

If you downloaded our software from Simtel, here are links to the necessary runtime files.

Unlike NetColor, iPrism does include direct support for the Netscape palette. For best viewing of the Netscape palette colors, you should set your display color depth to 24-bit or greater (true color).

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