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OS: Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98/NT

If you've ever tried to use a mailto form on your web page, you know that what you receive looks like quite a mess if you either can't or don't know how to use cgi or other ways to handle mailto forms. WWW Form Reader allows you to read mailto forms e-mailed to you from your web pages. With this software, you don't need to worry about cgi and perl scripts. You simply set up a mailto form on your web page and use WWW Form Reader to translate messages that are e-mailed to you from your web page mailto form. WWW Form Reader converts the received mailto form message to exactly the text that was originally entered by the sender of the message, even if, for example, an equation was included in the body of the message.


Improvements in the Windows 95/98/NT version:

Form Sample (included with setup files):

The Title of Your Form Page

Fill out this form and send it to me!

My name is...
I am from...
My URL is...
My e-mail address is...
I found your site to be...

In addition,...

Miscellaneous statements:
(Click the radio button if the statement fits you.)
I am an astronaut.
I am one of the various types of information acquisition units.
I am a promulgator of factual information at some level.

Note: When you submit this form, you will get no immediate acknowledgment.

What WWW Form Reader does with the message:

The following is a sample of the use of WWW Form Reader. The sample form included with WWW Form Reader was used to generate the message.

Before WWW Form Reader:

+out...%0D%0AAaaahhhhh%21&Astr onaut=Yes&Student=Yes&Instructor=Yes

After WWW Form Reader:

>Name: Joe Person
>From: Place #1
>URL: http://www.something.com/~jperson/
>EMAIL: jperson@something.com
>Opinion: appealing.
>Additionally: Can you explain Einstein's E=mc^2 for me?
>I can't seem to figure it out...
>Astronaut: Yes
>Student: Yes
>Instructor: Yes

WWW Form Reader enables everyone to use mailto forms on a web page.

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Web Form and CGI Information:

Web Forms and CGI's
The Common Gateway Interface

Basic Form Information from NCSA

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